OPWILL Technologies Co., Ltd. (OPWILL) is established in 2007, and headquartered in Beijing. The company business mission is to help service providers and enterprise address their toughest network, application, and service performance challenges and successfully deploy the networks of tomorrow with high accuracy, reliability, and low cost. OPWILL products diligently address all stages of network deployment and field service, and integrate triple play verification features across Optical Fibre, Metro Ethernet, Transport, and Wireless.

Optical Fibre: OPWILL Optical products offers various OTDR test solutions for meeting different customers’ requirements from high performance to lost cost. Particularly, OTP6123 series has occupied the largest market share of Chinese Operators, as well as certain market shares of India, Mexico, Africa and European countries.

Metro Ethernet: OPWILL Ethernet products provides efficient QoS assessment and SLA validation of Metro Ethernet Networks for service providers, operators, and installers. Test Interface supports from 1G Ethernet to 100G Ethernet, and couples with RFC2544, Y.1564, BERT and other test applications. Such as OTP6126 GE tester is the exclusive 1G Ethernet tester for Chinese Telecom Operators such as China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile. Moreover OTP6126 GE also widely used in Asia-Pacific market for operators and engineering maintenance field.

Transport: OPWILL Transport products gives a comprehensive support for next generation Transmission Networks. DSn/PDH, SDH/SONET, MSTP, OTN, and Ethernet all functions can been integrated into one module, and interface support 100G in maximum. OPWILL 2.5G SDH customized tester has been solely used in main operators of Indian market. OTM2800 tester has been mainly supplied to Australia as well as ME Countries.

OPWILL currently has dominated the TOP 3 China telecom operators’ test instrument market currently. Also, for overseas market, OPWILL products has been sold to the Telecom Operators and Network Providers in over 30 countries and regions such as BSNL, OPTUS, Vodafone, American Tower, Reliance Jio, VNPT, BTC/VIVACOM.etc. Besides that, the System Equipment Providers such as Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE all are/were OPWILL’s Product users.

With the stable and reliable development, OPWILL vision is Optimizing the test as your will for all our distinguished customers and valuable partners


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