OPWILL’s Ethernet test solutions deliver comprehensive, yet straightforward test functionalities for installing, turning up for maintaining Ethernet and IP services.
RFC2544 was the most popular standard for Ethernet test. However, it is specially designed for indoor network facilities test, not suitable for outdoor field test. Hence, ITU‐T Y.1564sam is particularly introduced for telecom operator to do Ethernet network service launch and fault diagnosis. Compared with RFC2544, it includes critical SLA standards such as packet jitter identification and QoS measurements, which could increase test speed promptly, save test time and resource, and optimises QoS.
OPWILL Supplies the completed  SDH/SONET and OTN test solutions, meanwhile the mapping path displays the detail information about the test process. Moreover the SDH test supports up to STM64, the OTN test supports up to OTU4.

Ethernet BERT test adopts the similar principle of SDH BERT test. It is by transferring the Ethernet frames with special test code, then analyse these frames at the receiver to test the network.

Our testers also can be enable to generate multiple data streams to test the forward ability of these service in Ethernet network to simulate the reality. In addition, multiple data streams can be set as different priority.

RFC2544 standard is the defacto methodology that outlines the tests required to measure and prove performance criteria for carrier Ethernet networks. The standard provides an out-of-service benchmarking methodology to evaluate the performance of network devices using throughput, back-to-back, frame loss and latency tests, with each test validating a specific part of an SLA. Once completed, these tests will provide performance metrics of the Ethernet network under test.

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