Synchronization Test
OPWILL's Synchronization solution supplies the completed and comprehensive test process.

The new mobile technologies such as 4G/LTE base stations also need higher time and phase synchronisation accuracy. So in order to let Ethernet - based IP backhaul asynchronous network to work together with other synchronous networks, it introduces two methods to synchronise: SyncE; and PTP.
SyncE full name is Synchronous Ethernet.It is a method used to distribute stratum 1 traceable frequency synchronisation to packet (Ethernet) nodes that need to communicate with TDM network elements. It is achieved though the physical layer in the same way that SONET/SDH line timing distributes its timing. Simply, it replaces the free – running ±100ppm clock normally supplying the TX Clock to the Ethernet PHYs with Phase – locked loop (PPL) which is governed by ITU-T G.8262.
PTP is other method for synchronsation. It is unlike SyncE did sychronisation over physical layer. It is packet based timing which relies on time stamp packets inserted in the data stream.
OPWILL supplies synchronization test applications to adapt the requirements of synchronization equipments and supply the important technical support for the project.

Application Notes

The time synchronization tester accurately measures the time level signal, time message and time data packet, and enables users to make an accurate calibration of the existing equipment.



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  • OTM2800
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