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Recent years, optical line monitoring has been using in many fields including maintenance of optical communications network as well as security sensors, flood sensors, and disaster prevention system, etc.

Since the internet service demands increasingly high speed bandwidth, Optical Fibre Network has been expanding rapidly. Hence, OTDR tester became an essential test equipment for service provider to install; monitor; and maintain Optical Fibre Network.
Traditional OTDR only can display loss and event list of fibre link. Event types and link topology requires an experienced engineer to analyse manually. However, rapid growth of FTTH deployment demand definitely increases engineer’s workload and operator’s labour cost. iOTA function of OPWILL provides more comprehensive analysis of fibre link, assists engineer to deploy, operate, and maintain optical fibre network more easily.
Traditional OTDR only can determine the defects occurred in physical optical fibres. However, during the installation and maintenance of FTTH, it always requires to determine the defects which occurred in data layer.  The iNET function of OPWILL integrates common Ethernet testing methods, such as Ping, Traceroute, FTP, and HTTP; can verify Ethernet performance with high efficiency and reduce operation cost greatly.

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OPWILL Optical Communication Testing Products provide comprehensive optical fiber testing solutions, including FTTH, access network, MAN, optical cable repair and so on.

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