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Service & Maintenance

For high productivity you will need advanced technology and excellent service. And experience has shown that good support is what makes a good product a good solution. Time is money. Therefore, inspection and service times should be kept as short as possible.


OPWILL measuring instruments are high-tech products of outstanding precision and reliability that only need a minimum of repair service. It’s nice if repairs can be avoided. But if they have to be made, smooth handling is required: without hassle, without losing time and without unpleasant surprises regarding costs. That is why we offer various repair services to meet your individual needs.


OPWILL products are high-precision, high-performance electronic goods that extend the limits of today’s technological possibilities. As with all precision technology, these products require expert maintenance so that their specified performance, for which you as the customer have paid, is available to you in the long term and can be used in your application

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